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Books by Peter Urs Bender

Leadership from Within
Most people see leadership as the act of leading others. In keynotes, seminars and his book Leadership from Within Peter Urs Bender says that leadership "begins with leading ourselves." It starts with understanding our values and finding our vision and passion, then taking action and communicating effectively to create results. Every organisation needs staff that expresses this "leader-within". Those who move past their fears, take responsibility, make decisions, and create positive change. There is no limit to the growth we can achieve together when we develop the leader in each of us. 236 pp., $24.95

Secrets of Face-to-Face Communication
In this age of sophisticated communications technology how can interpersonal communications be suffering? Simply, few people take the time (or even feel they have the need) to learn the skills of effective one-on-one communication. This book emphasizes a systematic approach to interpersonal contact because its authors know from their other work-presenting, leading, marketing-that systematizing the approach to any activity will help individuals excel at it. Secrets of Face-to-Face Communication will appeal to those who truly want to improve the skills that lead to better understanding. 234 pp., $24.95

Secrets of Power Marketing
Millions have been raised to believe "if you build a better mousetrap, the world will beat a path to your door." But this is a lie! To thrive in business, you must be seen and heard. People must talk about you, know where to find you and believe in the value of what you offer. Secrets of Power Marketing explains how this exposure comes from marketing-in essence, beli ef in yourself and the ability communicate it to others. "Marketing is everything you do in life that expresses who you are, what you do and creates a perception of your value." You cannot not market. The most successful companies and individuals are those who have learned the secrets of how to do it effectively. 252 pp., $27.95

Secrets of Power Presentations
In this age of information, a key ingredient of business success is our ability to communicate: to deliver winning presentations that move others to action. Whether it's in board meetings or staff training, with prospective clients or current customers, we need to be able to speak powerfully, think on our feet, and attract and hold attention. Peter Urs Bender has helped thousands to do just that; in fact, he wrote the book on it. Secrets of Power Presentations is a Canadian best seller with over 100,000 copies in print. Used in many top 500 companies, it is also required or recommended reading in over 40 Canadian universities/colleges. It has also been translated into many other languages, including French, German, Indonesian and Russian. 244 pp., $19.95

Is it good looks, positioning, the right name or education that produces outstanding business people? They're all factors that help. But Peter Urs Bender believes there is one additional factor. It's the ability to listen to your Gutfeeling. Instinct and Intuition are intangibles, yet they're as real as Reason, Logic, and Analysis. He believes we can develop our Gutfeeling, and that there's nothing mysterious about it. 220 pp., $24.95

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