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Make a Statement

In a technical presentation or possibly a press conference, a
simple, straightforward concluding statement is all that is
necessary to draw your presentation to a close. For example,
"There is much to be learned in this rapidly expand-
ing area of behavioural research into effective em-
ployer/employee relations. Iíve covered just a small
part of it. I hope that each of you will take time to
learn more..."

End the Same Way You Began

This is a popular movie-making technique. It gives symmetry
to your presentation. You can close with the same anecdote or
quotation with which you opened and show that you have come
full circle. For example:
"As quoted from F.D.R. at the beginning of my
presentation "We have nothing to fear but fear itself"..."

"I would like to end where I began. Our customers are
Number One. Without them, we would not exist..."

Show Them an Outline of
Your Completed Presentation

Similar to the above "bookends" approach, this technique
neatly and concisely summarizes everything you have tried to
cover and smoothly leads the way to questions from the

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