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your audience with something original! Practice your atten-
tion-getting first sentence. Write it out exactly as you plan to
deliver it.

Talking on the Way to the Podium

Never, ever do that. This is a clear indication of nervousness.
Talking or giggling is an absolute giveaway of the great
pressure you are going through.

How to Ensure a Powerful Opening

Walk slowly and confidently to the lectern. Be sure that all of
your visual aids and whatever else you need are set up in
advance, so that when you start everything is ready for you to
use. Try to avoid arranging your equipment in front of the
audience, but if you have to, do not keep them waiting long.
     Once behind the lectern (if you absolutely have to use
one), take a deep breath and smile.
     Take another breath and begin. The longer you pause
before beginning to speak, the more power you gain. By
pausing, you are forcing the audience to anticipate you. They
will be more attentive. It is important for you to be physically
and mentally ready to give a presentation. If you are not ready,
do not begin.

   If you can't convince them,   
Confuse them.

        - Harry S. Truman

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