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Clichťs to Avoid

Here are some definite "No, Nos". Itís surprising how com-
monly and freely these are used. Do your audience a favour and
eliminate them completely from your speaking style:

"Unaccustomed as I am to public speaking..."
Do not worry, it will show soon enough! Do not make excuses
or comments about the fact you have never presented before.
Everybody does that. Do not say how much you hate to make
presentations. Tell them you enjoy presenting and look for-
ward to this occasion.

"I donít know why I have been asked to speak today..."
If you donít know, you should sit down and be quiet! Donít
waste anyoneís time. Never speak if you do not know what to

"I havenít really prepared anything..."
When presenters start with this, everyone wonders why they
are presenting. Do you want to waste their time? I personally
think it is terribly rude to begin like that.

"Speaking off the top of my head..."
What does that mean? Is it possible to speak from the bottom
of your feet? Anyway, your lack of preparation will be obvious
to everybody. Do not draw attention to it.

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