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your entire speech around visual aids and demonstra-
tions. In this way, your slower than average speed of
delivery will be offset by the impact of your visual images.
The main thing is to keep the audienceís attention. Do not
let them become bored.

How to Improve Your Voice

Before I give keynote speeches and seminars, I work on
improving the 4Ps of speaking: Pitch, Pace, Pauses and
Projection. I suggest you do the same.
     You can control your voice more easily when you are
conscious of how you sound before you speak. Always practice,
practice, practice.
     Be aware of your vocal tone and make adjustments as
necessary. Learn to listen to yourself as you talk. Keep in mind
that your voice sounds different to you than to others.
     Get a small tape recorder. Record your speeches. Pay
attention to how you talk on the telephone. Experiment recit-
ing different phrases. Play back the tapes and analyze your
self. Can you adjust your pitch, vary your volume, add pauses
or pace your delivery more appropriately?
     Some people end in a questioning tone when they are
     "Hello, my name is Susan."(?) (I think it is) (If it is okay
with you).
     Or they become more authoritative:
     "My name is Sylvester!" (Get it right or Iíll kill you!)
     Be aware that your voice changes when you are nervous.
Practice deep breathing to help you relax and speak in a
normal tone.

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