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Get the Audience to Participate
During the Presentation

In order to really communicate with your listeners, you need to
involve them in your message. Ask them to help with specific
parts of your presentation as early as possible. Seek volunteers
to demonstrate certain points. Arrange with them in advance.
No surprises! You will look like a fool if nobody wants to play
with you! Do not call on them unless you have received
permission to do so before you start.
     Above all, do not embarrass the participants or make
them feel foolish in front of their peers. If you do, resentment
will build in the audience and you will lose credibility.

How Not to Begin

Do not be too formal and start with:
"Mr. Chairman, Mr. President, Mr. Vice-President,
fellow colleagues and honoured guests...."
     This is stuffy and unnatural, 99.9% of the time. Maybe
you heard it at Toastmasters. There it is okay and it was good
years ago. Today, it is annoying and a waste of everyoneís time.

Get Someone Else to Introduce You

The listenerís perception of your credibility depends on how
well you begin. If it looks like you know what you are doing, the
audience will lend you their ears right away. Itís extremely
important that you begin on a smooth, positive note.

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