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anything else in management; if you show you are willing to do
it yourself, your staff will be more willing.

Establish Your Believability

If you do not have credibility, no one will listen. Do not ever
misrepresent yourself and your experience. Never lie! The
audience will eventually find out. Credibility is hard to gain
and easy to lose. References to other speaking engagements
completed recently or other audiencesí reactions to your sug-
gestions can help establish believability as long as they are not

For example:
"I was speaking to an audience of investment bankers
last week in Zurich and one person told me that the
most serious concern on his mind these days is the
decline of junk bonds..."
     In establishing your believability, you are creating an
image of professional competence and experience, by referring
to your other activities in business and your contacts. If you tell
your audience, it will create a positive context for your topic. As
a result, they will take your message more seriously.
     Another way to establish credibility is to draw attention
to a recent personal achievement that the group can relate to,
such as a promotion, an award, a report you have written or the
publication of an article. Make a statement that somehow
indicates that you have experience qualifying you to speak on
your topic.
     Essentially, try to follow this formula for enhancing the
believability of your presentation: two-thirds of your credibil-
ity during a presentation should be evident from what you say

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