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Say to each member of your department:

"If there is one thing we can do to improve our
service, what would it be? Please answer this
questionnaire and return it to me by Friday."

"Call your ten largest customers and ask them what
can be done to improve our product. Then letís
compare notes and build a new strategy."

"If all our managers could make better presenta-
tions we would save a lot of frustration and money.
Letís get Bender in!"

     The only time you can be "teachy, preachy" is in your call
to action. If you do not explicitly request a response from the
audience, they will probably wonder what your purpose was.
If you do not tell them exactly what to do in reaction to your
message, no changes will occur, they will forget everything you
said, and all your efforts will be wasted.

   Great works are performed,   
not by strength,
but by perseverance

        - Samuel Johnson

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