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     Volunteer to present wherever you can. The suggestions
listed are opportunities we all have to "say a few words" in front
of an audience. What is your outlook toward speaking on these
occasions? Can you change your attitude from reluctance and
maybe even fear, to enthusiasm and confidence in confronting
a new challenge and sharing your ideas with others?

Be Positive About Presenting

I know that you already have a positive outlook (or you would
not be reading this book). I suggest that you apply this attitude
to speaking as well. Think of the next gathering where you can
make a personal contribution. Use the ideas and techniques in
this book in preparation for the best presentation you have
ever given.
     Be enthusiastic. Be open minded. Be persistent. The
skills of powerful presenting will be with you throughout your
working and social life, into retirement.
     Donít apologize. Do not say at the beginning or during
your speech "I donít want to bore you with statistics, but..." or
"Sorry, I donít want to take too much of your time, but..."

Life is either a
   daring adventure or   

        - Helen Keller

--> Share the ideas in this book with a friend: ask them
to evaluate your presentation as per checklist on page 223.

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