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Make Mistakes & Learn From Them

The practical presentation skills I suggest in this book, once
integrated into your own style, will result in the best perform-
ance. But it will take time. So set realistic expectations for

It is more important
   to do the Right Thing than   
to do the Thing Right!

     - Peter F. Drucker

It is of greater benefit to focus on the right things in your
presentation than on trying to do every little thing right. It is
critical that you focus all of your effort on a few basics, namely:
the Speech, Body Language, Equipment, Environment and

     What opportunities do you have in the next month to
make a presentation? Here is a possible list to get you started:

Where to Practice Your Presentation Skills:
Office staff meetings
Professional association meetings
Break-out sessions at conferences
Service club meetings
Board meetings
Trade show presentations
Night school course presentations
Weddings, anniversaries, or retirement receptions
Town hall meetings

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