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There Is Nothing For Nothing
In Life

If you want to give powerful, impressive presentations, you
have to show determination, develop great self-discipline, and
invest a tremendous amount of time in preparation. The best
speakers all became good the hard way: they have spoken to
many, often hundreds, of audiences on the same topic. In the
process, they probably made many embarrassing mistakes.
Their ability to conquer fear and failure helped them learn
from these mistakes.
     People who are not afraid of making mistakes learn very
quickly. Fear does not hold them back. They are not anxious
about potential failure. They know that the risk of misfortune
and the embarrassment they endure is far exceeded by the
benefits they gain from new experiences.
     Good speakers are eager to try out new ideas in front of
unknown audiences. Surprisingly enough, when they make a
few mistakes no one notices! All the listeners see is the
professionalism and sincerity of the confident speaker doing
his or her best to communicate. So do not worry about confi-
dence. You already have more than you think you do!

In presenting, you are judged not
by who you are,
by who you seem to be:
confident and prepared.

Think of the best presenter you know right now. The
probability is 95% that he or she started at the same point you
did! Do the best you can and keep learning. Your sincerity and
determination will automatically help you improve.

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