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Thereís no question about it - making an effective presentation
does require self-confidence. One must work to develop greater
belief in oneself and the ideas being presented. The benefits of
greater confidence go far beyond developing improved commu-
nication skills.
     Self-confidence is what prepares you to take on new and
greater challenges in your company and pursue new career
opportunities for yourself. The confidence required for a pow-
erful business presentation is a means to an end as well as an
end in itself.
     In many years of teaching public speaking to all kinds of
different folks, I have found that everyone looks more confi-
dent than he/she feels. People (99%) are nervous when they
present the first time. Yet, with practice they feel more self-
assured and develop more poise.
     In my classes, studentsí perceptions of themselves and
each other were tested at the beginning of the course and then
after 14 weeks of weekly presentations.
     Each student received positive and negative feedback
from me, as well as from the entire class after every presenta-
tion they made. Here are the results:

Differences in the Perceived Confidence
of Public Speakers

       	  After 1st Presentation      After 14th Week

Looked confident  	75%                  	99%
Felt confident           5%                  	65%
Was nervous just
before presenting 	99%			99%

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