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better skills at public speaking. We can all be more confident
and effective in communicating our ideas to a group. It takes
time, training, and practice, but we can get better at it. To make
better presentations we must be willing to risk failure.
     We all experience situations where we arenít sure what to
say. Itís embarrassing to be speechless. The stress of the
position we are in often makes it hard to concentrate. Some-
times we try so hard to remember everything we want to cover
that we end up forgetting everything.
     There are times when we feel we really do not know what
we are talking about, yet others demand that we give our
opinion anyway! Other times we try so hard to make a favour-
able impression that we are unable to relax and be ourselves.
     Have you ever had a "brownout" - a situation where
suddenly you forgot what you were thinking and didnít know
what to say?
     Brownouts are natural and can be handled smoothly.
The secret to preventing them is to prepare note cards. (For more
details see page 67). If you really do not know what to say, shut
up until you do. If you do not know the answer to a difficult
audience question, or you forget an important detail while
speaking, simply say so and pledge sincerely to find out the
answer later.

Worst Human Fears

   1.   Speaking in front of a group
   2.   Dying
   3.   Speaking and dying in front of a group   

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