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How To Make Your Business Meetings
More Effective
  • Determine first of all, whether you really need to
    hold a meeting. Can you send a letter or memo
    instead? What about the telephone? What about a
    conference call?

  • Plan your agenda in full detail before the meeting
    is called. List each item and send a notice at least
    a few days in advance so that everyone can

  • As chairperson, you should anticipate different
    points of view likely to be raised for each agenda
    item, allot time accordingly, and be prepared to
    cut off discussion when time runs out.

  • Generally, the one who writes the agenda has
    control of the meeting. Be sure that everyone
    sticks to it.

  • Give the participants enough notice to attend the
    meeting. Remind them the day before and
    confirm their attendance. Give them every
    opportunity to state their opinion on agenda
    items before the meeting if they cannot attend.

  • Avoid the situation where someone complains
    that they weren’t consulted. Anticipate the need
    to check with so and so in order to keep peace.

  • Be sure to start on time and end on time. Your
    time and that of your audience is the only non-
    renewable resource. Use it wisely!

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