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The Five Quintessential Elements
of a Power Presentation

Attention to each of these components is essential if you want
to have an impact on your audience. Letís take a quick look at
each part:

I.  The Speech - In this section I will tell you how to refine
your ideas and the words you use to express them. In your
speech you can either inform, entertain, touch the audience
emotionally, or move them to action. But, you must do one of
these four things or your effort is not a real "speech". If you
have no such objective you are wasting time - yourís and your
audienceís. Therefore, it is very important that you know why
you are speaking and what you are trying to accomplish with
your listeners.

II.  Body Language - Here, we will discuss the use of your
bodyís physical communication tools: voice, breathing, facial
expressions, eye contact, gestures, posture, movement, physi-
cal energy, and how you are dressed.

III.  Use of Equipment - This important section will
review how you can make use of the presentation aids avail-
able today: handouts, models, drawings, pictures, charts,
overheads, flip-charts, whiteboards, films, videos, slides,
recordings, and microphones.

IV.  The Environment - Here I will give you tips on
where and when to present, including: location and size of the
room, temperature, layout and seating, the speaking platform,
entrances and exits, refreshments, background music, light-
ing, breaks, restrooms, and the timing of your presentation.

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