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     Never say, "No comment". This suggests that you have
something to hide. It also sounds rude.
     The final rule about questions: Always be honest.

   No man has a good enough memory   
to make a successful liar.

        - Abraham Lincoln

     If you do not have an answer, say so. Promise instead to
find out for the person. Get their address and telephone
number and get back to them with the missing information.
"That is a very good question. Iím sorry but I do not
know the answer right now. I will do my best to find
out for you. Could you leave me a number where I can
contact you tomorrow? I am interested in finding out
about it right away...."
      Audiences will love you for that, as long as you do not
answer every question that way!
     If you get a really unusual or tough question, honestly say
something like:

     "Do you know that, in all of my years with the com-
       pany, you are the first person who has ever asked
       about that!

     "That is very interesting. No one has ever asked me
       that before."

     "Really? Iíve never heard of that happening before..."

     These are all effective responses.

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