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genuine. We all feel somewhat threatened by asking questions
in front of others. Make everyone feel comfortable doing it.
     If it appears that you made a mistake during your
presentation or if you stumbled making a point, simply try
again. Say things like:
"Iím sorry I wasnít clear about that point. What I
meant is..."

"Let me clarify what I meant by that...."
     Never blame the audience if they didnít understand you!
You just didnít make yourself clear. Do not say things like: "I
just showed you that. Didnít you see it?" or "You donít under-

Special Situations During Question
and Answer Sessions

Long-winded questions - Be patient. Maintain eye contact and
open body language. Say:
"Let me try to summarize that..."
Personal questions - Respond:
"I do not believe that is a fair question" or "That is a
personal question that I donít wish to answer".
Try rephrasing the question in more appropriate terms, say:
"Let me restate your question. What you are asking....
Is that the question?"."Really, your question is about..."

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