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     Provide your introduction double-spaced on a single
sheet of paper. Put in commas for easy breathing and under-
line the words you want accented.
     Take the time to prepare a written introduction of your-
self and your topic in the three-step way described. It can make
a world of difference to the impression created before you even
open your mouth.
     Do it right now, take a few minutes. Read it aloud
listening to how good it sounds. Be sure you have it for your
next presentation.
     Do not take the risk of getting a bad or an average
introduction (where they talk about your 2.3 kids and the 1.4
spouses to whom you are happily married).

     To ensure 100% co-operation, the following message
accompanies my introduction. Feel free to use it.

(DEAR FRIEND): This professional introduction
was developed so as to assure an effective and enjoy-
able presentation for the audience, and enhance the
message of the speaker.
     Please DO NOT deviate from it by adding
personal remarks (as: I have been asked to read this)
or by omitting any part. Experience has shown that
the quality of a professional speakerís introduction
by his introducer, YOU, influences how receptive the
audience will be to the material presented.
     Please co-operate by using this written
introduction and thereby ensure a professional
worthwhile experience for yourself, the audience and
the speaker.

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