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Introduction of Peter Urs Bender
on "“Presentations"

(Importance of Topic)
     These days in business, what you say is not as
     important as how you say it. Words account for
     only a small part of the total message we convey
     to others. The rest comes from our style, use of
     voice, body language, and other non-verbal
     forms of communication.

(Relate the Topic to the Audience)
     As a manager, you will soon have to make more
     presentations to get your point across clearly.
     The success of XYZ as market leader depends on
     our ability to communicate effectively with our
     customers as well as our employees. To remain
     competitive all of our managers must become
     first-class presenters.

(Qualifications of Speaker to Lecture on the Topic)
     Our speaker and seminar leader, Peter Urs
     Bender, is an expert in business presentations.
     He has worked with many companies to im-
     prove the communication skills of both manag-
     ers and sales people. He has lectured across
     North America, Europe, and the Far East on the
     topic of "Effective Presentations". He also is
     the author of "Secrets of Power Presentations".

     We look forward to hearing the many new ideas
     he has to share with us today. Let us all join in
     welcoming to XYZ Company, Peter Urs Bender....

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