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Donít Complain If Things Arenít Perfect

If you had time to organize and make special arrangements
and you didnít, donít complain. Now itís too late! You have no
one to blame but yourself.
     If you do not like the room you are assigned, say so at the
very beginning and see about getting another. If you cannot
change it, live with it. Donít grumble, mumble and complain!
It will not help you get ready!

Travel Tips for Presenters

Give yourself enough time to reach your destination. Allow for
unexpected traffic and bad weather. It only snows when it
shouldnít and Murphy only orders freezing rain on important
     Arrange to have someone meet you at the airport. Write
that personís name and telephone number down in your diary.
     Never take the last possible plane before your presenta-
tion time, but instead, leave early enough so that you can rely
on a later flight in the event of a cancellation.
     Carry the minimum presentation materials and clothing
with you in the plane. If the other luggage gets lost, you will at
least have the essentials to go ahead with your presentation
     If you travel alone by car, have clear, explicit directions.

Send Thank You Notes to the People
Who Will Help You, In Advance

It is critical that your presentation goes smoothly. Take every
precaution to see that nothing can go wrong. You always need

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