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Preparation is the final step that brings the other four
quintessential elements of your presentation together. If you
do not prepare, you are playing Russian roulette! Good
preparation compensates for lack of talent.
     However, failure to plan in advance combined with the
absence of talent can destroy your credibility. So, be prepared.
As the saying goes,

"Perfect Prior Preparation Prevents
Poor Performance!"
     Order all the equipment you need well in advance. Know
the name of the person who booked it for you and make note of
it. Find out who else might be involved in using your equip-
ment the day you will present. If you need help or if there is a
mix up, refer to those responsible immediately. Arrange for
back-ups. Confirm again all your requirements the day before
you present.
     If you send your own equipment and handout materials
to the presentation location, be sure you do this well in
advance. Mark the box or case in which you shipped them with
bright unusual colours or easy to remember symbols, such as
a Mickey Mouse or your national flag (mine often has a Swiss
cross on it). Confirm that the packages you send actually
arrived. But to be on the safe side, take the essential items with
you in your car or in your hand carried luggage right on the

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