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want to supply notepaper, pens, mints, water, and other
     For presentations involving a screen, do not arrange
chairs closer than twice the height of the screen.
     Example:  10 foot screen - not closer than 20 feet.
      Example:  3 meter screen - not closer than 6 meters.
     The last row of seats should not be farther than eight
times (8x) the vertical dimension of the screen.
     Example: 10 foot screen x 8 - not farther than 80 feet.


These are great if you give a day-long presentation. Youíll be
glad to have a place to sit by 3 oíclock in the afternoon. Also,
they provide additional height and camouflage the fact that
you are sitting. Just be sure you keep the stool out of the bar!


Make certain that the chairs are arranged so the doors are at
the back of the room or at least the back corner. This will
prevent latecomers from distracting the audience as they come
in. Expect stragglers and do not allow them to interrupt you as
you kick-off your presentation. If the doors are in the back, they
can quickly be seated.


It is also a good idea to locate these at the back of the
presentation area (I know, itís hard to move them around!).
Windows, especially if large, distract audiences. It is therefore
important to present from the opposite side of the room, closing
the curtains in advance to discourage wandering eyes.

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