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The place and conditions in which you present have an
important influence on how well your message is received. If
the environment isnít right, participants wonít pay the re-
quired attention and will become irritated.
     To do a truly great job, it is very important that you be
familiar with your presentation room in advance. Where will
it be? Will you be in a board room at head office or a district
branch? At a hotel, a college, or a conference centre? What
facilities will be available?
     Make every effort to visit the location so that you can
determine what adjustments are necessary. Give yourself
enough lead time for special arrangements as to seating,
equipment, microphones, lighting, and whatever you want to


If you have control over this, choose the city and site of your
presentation carefully. I highly recommend that you spend
more money obtaining the right environment and less on food
and open bars.
     A hotel is always better than your own board room. The
neutrality of the location will help the audience concentrate on
what you present rather than on unfinished tasks at the office.
Make sure the site is easy for everyone to reach.
     Send a detailed map well in advance, clearly indicating
the name and address of the hotel, the presentation room and
floor, the telephone number, the date and the exact time of the
meeting. Try to ensure the hotel is close to main highways and
the airport.

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