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rehearse with that person in advance so that everything looks
     Train your assistant to reveal new slides on cue. Empha-
size a quick pace so your auxiliary aid doesn’t fall asleep! Be
sure that you provide enough for your assistant to do. Other-
wise, they’ll look like they are on a game show!

Confirm Your Equipment in Advance:
Have a Back-up Plan

Order all of your equipment as soon as you know what you
need. Confirm every item at least two days before show time.
Note the name of the person who handled your confirmation.
     Test to ensure that your projector bulbs work and that
you have easy access to electrical hook-up. Organize extension
cables. Test them.
     Know where the breaker switches are in case you over-
load the power system with all of your electrical gadgets.
(Think of it, you might be using a microphone, plus overhead
and slide projectors, all at the same time!).
     Have the name and phone number of someone to call in
case you have problems.
     Always have a back-up system ready just in case some-
thing prevents you from using your planned visuals. Be pre-
pared to go on and give an excellent presentation even without
them. After all, airlines do lose luggage, fender benders hap-
pen, and you just might forget to bring something some day.
     Plan ahead and look professional. Check the Comparison
Chart for Use of Visual Aids on the following page.

Mechanical devices can sense when   
                    you are in a hurry.

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