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making. Stick to one idea per slide. If you can, try to show some
people who are familiar to the group. Another idea is to insert
a shot of the city in which you are presenting. This creates
comfort and trust between you and your listeners and helps
personalize your presentation.
     When preparing slides of text, use yellow or white letter-
ing on a blue or black background. Mix and match colours as
audience retention improves (up to 30%) over black and white.
     Above all, ensure that all of your slides are readable from
the back as well as from the front of the room. To ensure
legibility, hold a slide at armís length. If you can read the
smallest type easily, it will be legible to your audience at a
distance of eight times the height of the screen.
     Also, try to keep all of your slides on the horizontal or the
vertical rather than mixing them.
     You could have your slides glass mounted. This will
protect them from being scratched and from being burned
when used in a heavy duty projector. They are also easier to
keep clean.

Remote Controls for Slide Projectors

These are essential for a smooth presentation. Most of the time
your projector needs to be well back from the area in which you
are standing in order for the image to appear large on the
screen. Check that the cable on your remote is long enough.
Otherwise, ask for an extension. Try out the connection.
     Test the remote to ensure it is in working order. You must
be able to advance and reverse through your slides easily.
     Also, you should be able to control the focus of individual
slides with your remote, unless your machine has autofocus
     Inevitably, one or more important pictures will need
focusing while you are showing them. Learn to do this

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