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These serve a purpose similar to overhead transparencies.
However, the visual impact is far superior. They are especially
suited to larger audiences. Slides allow you to show colour
photographs and prepared graphics in a much better way. A
short, well-prepared slide show can be very powerful.
     Be sure that your slides are aligned properly, right side
up! There are eight different ways for a slide to fit into a
carousel projector tray. Only one of these is correct! Check that
each will be in focus. If your projector has an automatic focus,
be sure that it works properly for each one. Otherwise, adjust
it manually. Proper focusing and alignment is a must or your
time will be wasted. Audiences get very irritated if they cannot
read or see your message. Make it a regular practice to run
through all of your slides in advance. Be sure, if the room is
empty, to position your projector high enough so that heads do
not block the image projected on the screen.
     Your slides must fit your presentation or you should not
use them. Whatever you present, explain what it is you are
showing to the audience. Keep the slides moving at a fairly
quick pace and pause in between. Know how to black out the
projector between slides so that you can talk a bit more before
moving on to the next frame. Most projectors do this automati-
cally if you leave a blank space between each slide. Otherwise,
use the company logo on a slide when you plan to pause. This
will allow more time to explain your point before moving on to
the next picture.
     Have an organizing theme to all of your slides. Use the
same background colours or symbols. This suggests to the
audience that all of the images belong together. If your presen-
tation is made to a corporation - your own or perhaps a client’s,
show a slide of the company’s logo at the beginning and at the
end of your show. Try to stress pictures rather than lines of text
in your visuals. Choose images which explain the point you are

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