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can go wrong. So donít buy your equipment the night before
your presentation! Know how to use it well.
     Today there are sophisticated software packages and
laser printers for use in preparing powerful presentation
     Why not invest in a graphics package? In no time you can
create very effective charts, graphs and diagrams.
     Computer-generated slide kits are easily available and
are very useful when you want to tailor your presentation with
up-to-the-minute ideas. Presenters working with fluctuating
data appreciate being able to make last minute corrections to
visuals. (For more Computer tips, see Appendix, p.213.)

Instant Slides

Polaroid is one company that makes slide film for this purpose.
Instant slides can save a lot of time if you want to develop
tailored visuals. Why not show some appropriate slides of
group members and weave them into your talk? Everyone will
appreciate the personalized touch offered and most are pleased
to see their image on a big screen!


Photocopied or printed pages are the most basic visual aid.
They provide an easy back-up to your verbal message. They
can convey pictures, tables, charts, lists, diagrams, quizzes,
forms, and graphs. Typically, they are used to provide sum-
mary notes of your talk. The value of handouts is that they
are permanent. The audience will have them long after you have
given your presentation and hopefully they will be reviewed by
them in future.

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