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Visuals In Your Presentation
  • Communicate ideas faster than the spoken word
  • Arouse and hold the interest of the audience
  • Can explain complicated ideas more easily
  • Make you look more organized
  • Are especially appropriate for formal meetings
  • Reinforce and enhance your spoken words and
    increase the probability that all of your message
    will be understood
  • Can be fun. They can add variety to an otherwise
    dry or serious presentation
  • Can be temporary or permanent; dynamic or fixed
  • Take some pressure off the presenter by diverting
    the audience’s attention
  • Cut across language barriers. This is important for
    an international or multicultural audience
  • Help to clarify different opinions and viewpoints
    in a controversial subject area
  • Make your presentation look more professional
  • Provide you with key notes which can be relied on
    to trigger your memory
  • Can be used, over and over, thereby saving you
    future preparation time

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