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"I didnít know that it was microphone mating season"
"The more mixed up things get, the more confident I become"
"I prepared for everything, but not for that!"
"Now I lost my place...letís start from the beginning again".

Types of Microphones
  • Laveliere
    It's like a string around your neck
  • Clip-on
    As you see on TV, clips on your lapel
  • Floor
    Adjust to your height before using
  • Table
    Often on discussion panels (Turn it on!)
  • Hand Held
    Learn to shift it from hand to hand

Because non-verbal signals are so influential in communica-
tion, visual aids become important tools that should be used in
a presentation. Research into the impact of visuals on memory
retention shows that they are very effective in reinforcing
what you say:

     After 3 Hours       After 3 Days   
Tell Only 70% 10%
Show Only 72% 20%
Show and Tell 85% 65%

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