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An old Chinese proverb says that if a picture is worth a
thousand words
then a demonstration is worth a book. Your
presentation is not just words and sounds, but also images,
movement and physical interaction with your audience. There
are many ways to achieve effective communication with the aid
of the right external tools. Your audience will retain more of
your message if you use visuals and gadgets to reinforce what
you say.

Lecterns, Podiums, etc.

Most of us get the words "lectern", "podium", "rostrum", and
"dais" confused. A lectern is the slanted-top desk you can use
when reading your notes during your presentation. It can be
placed in the middle or the end of the head table.
     A podium is a raised platform on which a speaker stands
during a presentation. You will want to use one especially if
you are short or there are more than three rows of chairs, so as
to ensure everyone in the back of the room can see you.
Standing on a platform will also dramatically increase your
vocal projection.
     A rostrum or dais is a larger platform or stage on which
a head table might be placed during a formal dinner.


It is helpful to have a stand on which to put your notes. The
problem is most speakers hide behind lecterns thereby greatly

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