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to spend time to help an apparently prosperous individual
than someone who looks down and out. Thus, the moral of the
story is that the way you look and dress determines how the
audience will react to your presentation - whether on the
street or in a board room.

How to Dress For a Power Presentation

Here are a few basic ideas to follow:

- Know the style of your audience. While it is okay to be
different, be sure you do not stand out too much (at least until
you have proven yourself!). Once everyone knows what a
genius you are, clothe yourself in any garments you choose.
But get your priorities straight. When meeting a new group
and the first impression is crucial, dress in the same fashion as
your audience. Whether itís dark suits or sport jackets, formal
womensí dresses or pants, try to match.

- Aim to look just slightly more conservative than your audi-
ence. Wear clothes similar to the better dressed members of the
audience. Remember, you are trying to establish rapport and
trust. A conservative style will cause them to take you more
seriously. Flashiness arouses suspicion. Once you have won
over the audience, and if you are presenting over a period of
time, you can ease up a bit. But maintain a look of profession-
alism. Wear colours and patterns that complement each other,
like dark blue and red. Do not overdo it. Be creative but use
common sense.

- Always appear as neat and clean as possible. Choose colours
that withstand wear and fabrics which do not wrinkle. If
necessary, wear something over your clothes (particularly
when eating) to protect them and keep them clean until you

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