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Handling Nervousness

Even though you may speak often in front of audiences, there
will still be times when you feel uptight - that is a fact of life.
Itís important for you to be able to control your nervousness.
You might give a toast at a corporate function or possibly a
wedding. You pick up your glass of champagne in view of
everyone and suddenly your hand starts to shake violently.
However, you know you must hold the goblet until you finish
the toast. If this happens, there are three things you can do.
One is to quickly drink the contents of your glass (this is
especially not recommended!). The second is to postpone your
announcement until you feel more comfortable (this is not very
practical as you cannot keep them waiting forever). The third
is to bring the glass close to your chest so that it rests against
your body. The audience will not even notice and you will be
able to concentrate on giving a good toast. Toward the end of
the speech you can shift it gracefully away, holding it perfectly
still in mid-air in front of you.
     In general, if your hands start to shake, just move them
temporarily out of view. Hold them very briefly behind your
back or rest them at your sides. Never put them in your
pockets! The audience will watch what you do with them. If
you move them slowly, smoothly and gracefully, you will look

In great attempts
   it is glorious even   
to fail.

        - Vince Lombardi   

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