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Why Are Presentations Skills
So Important Today?

Much is being said these days about the keys to advance-
ment in the world of business. What is the fundamental
determinant to your future success? Knowledge, technical
skills, experience and organizational ability are all important
to your career advancement.

     Communication, however, is critical. How well you
communicate with your staff, peers, managers, and for that
matter, any group that you address is the key to advancement
in your career.

What Is Effective Communication?

Communication refers to the conveying of ideas to other
people. Effective communication takes place when you share
your message with others in such a manner that it is clearly
understood. People who communicate effectively are able to:
  • Exercise leadership
  • Inspire staff and colleagues to take action
  • Obtain trust and respect
  • Have more fun with people
  • Get others to feel more confident about themselves
  • Convey information easily and accurately
  • Achieve their goals
  • Reach their objectives

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