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Keep Your Hands Out of Your Pockets

If you have difficulty shaking this habit, clip your pockets
closed with safety pins. But never put your hands in your
pockets. It implies that you are unsure or conversely, too
comfortable. Also, remove coins, keys or other jingling or bulky
items from your pants. This will prevent you from making
distracting, clinking noises. You will also look better.
     Another good idea is to get rid of all pens and other items
from your shirt and jacket pockets. These objects could distract
your audience. It also prevents you from fiddling with your
eyeglasses, pens, coins or keys if they are hidden in your
     Do not hold your hands behind your back for too long.
Have them visible and keep them comfortable. Move them as
your body moves. If they are not visible, your body appears too
stiff. If you donít know what to do with your hands, before or
during a presentation, try the following:

Where to Put Your Hands
  • Let your hands and arms drop naturally
    to your side.

  • Gently fold your index fingers together
    without wringing or gripping the hands
    in any way.

  • Start your presentation and let your
    hands do what they want to do - as long
    as they do not want to go into your
    pockets or make obscene gestures to your

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