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Research in communication has consistently shown that
messages are conveyed in many ways besides words. Dr. Albert
Mehrabian stated in his book "Silent Messages" that the
believability of what we communicate is influenced 7% by
words, 38% by tone of voice and 55% by body language. In other
words, 93% of the message is conveyed using "paralanguage".
     Our bodies speak volumes. We are always sending
signals to others whether we like it or not. Body language,
combined with vocal tone, can override or even cancel the
meaning of the words you say. Therefore, it is important to
ensure your body and your mouth are in concurrence and
sending the same signal! It is also of great significance for you
to control your non-verbal messages as much as your verbal

Analyze Yourself

Look in a mirror and make typical gestures and facial expres-
sions (close the door so no one sees you doing it). Ask a friend
to analyze you as you perform various expressions. The best
way to become aware of your body language is to videotape
yourself speaking in front of a group. If you do not have an
opportunity to do that, record yourself in rehearsal.This will
give a true picture of the way others see you. After watching
yourself, you will know what adjustments are necessary.
     We’re all human. We’re all somewhat self-conscious when
it comes to seeing ourselves. Yet, a lot of our communication
power comes not from what we say, but how we say it. It is,
therefore, important that we use body language to our greatest
advantage. Self analysis will help us to improve dramatically.

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