Face to Face Communication

Who is this book for?

How can it be that in this age of sophisticated communications technology, our interpersonal communications are suffering? The answer is that few people take the time (or feel they have the time) to learn the skills needed for effective one-to-one communication. In fact, few are even aware that communication skills can be learned.

Peter Urs Bender and Robert Tracz know differently. As they prove in this lively A to Z of key communication concepts, everyone can learn to communicate freely, persuasively, and with confidence. Secrets of Face-to-Face Communication is packed with helpful tips, illustrative anecdotes, and proven systems that, when applied, will improve your business and personal relationships alike.

Whether you are an entrepreneur looking for more successful interactions with clients, a manager trying to deal with difficult people, or an employee seeking more productive relationships with your boss or coworkers, you'll find what you need in Secrets of Face-to-Face Communication. So stop wasting time on avoidable misunderstandings and bad feelings -- and start communicating with power!

Richard Armstrong