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To accomplish anything in life, you will need to give and receive sup-
port. Support can come in many forms: Feedback. Caring. Financial
assistance. Emotional support. Information. Leadership. Or a helping
hand. As you move towards your goals, you will meet people who
believe in what you are doing -- and who want to help you in some way.
Others will need help from you.
     I am not saying you should be dependent. Waiting for someone else
to give you what you need will not make you a leader. However, we are
all interdependent. We all need each other's help to become leaders.
     Think of groups whose members have helped each other become more
successful. The Group of Seven. Junior Achievement, Rotary, Toastmasters.
Alcoholics Anonymous. Athletic clubs or teams. Computer clubs. Busi-
ness associations. Service clubs and support groups.
     I sincerely believe in the ability of the individual. However, the power
of working together far exceeds the power of working alone.


Some companies hire professional trainers or speakers to motivate, to
bring in new ideas and skills, and to help them boost sagging spirits,
revenues, and profits.
     Speeches and seminars are a very good idea. (That's why I give them!)
However, I believe that many companies could be saving thousands of dollars
-- by doing some of the training themselves. How? By using a
book like this one.
     Here's a suggestion: If you think people in your department would
benefit from the ideas in this book, get everyone a copy. Have people
read one chapter at home each week. Hold a weekly meeting at the office
to discuss each chapter. Then apply what you learn. I believe that the
results will pay off handsomely for your investment of time and money.
     In the Special Tips section of this book, you will find more ideas on
this subject. Look for the part entitled "Train Without a Trainer."

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