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is the key to getting the most out of this book or any other.

5. Results.
When you learn you get three types of results.
First is the joy of learning. Most of us enjoy seeing things dif-
ferently, gaining insight and understanding, and feeling we have
     The second result is discovering what we can do with our
learning. It gives us more power to create and fulfill our
dreams and desires.
     Third is our ability to share what we know. A great sense of
satisfaction can come from teaching and helping others.

In this book, I have tried to give you all of these components of
learning. Ideas to stimulate and inspire the leader in you. Information
that describes how to be a leader. Actions you can take to become a
stronger leader. And ways to improve the results you are getting.
     Don't just accept what I say. As a matter of fact, you may disagree
with certain statements I make. But that's have the right to
be wrong!
     When you find good ideas, test them. See what works. My goal is to
give you the tools to be a leader in your life. But you have to use them.

          A wise man can learn from a fool. But a fool never learns.

Exercise is a part of learning

A lot of people hate the idea of exercise. (So do I.). It implies having to
do something you don't want to do -- and forcing yourself to keep doing
it. So take that idea and turn it around.
     Exercise is a way to develop a skill or ability that you want to have. Say
you want to be an entrepreneur. Then watching TV programs about suc-
cessful business people is a form of exercise. (Try telling that to your
spouse tonight!) If you want to improve your confidence, taking risks --

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