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For me, learning is the key to life. It's what makes us grow. It's how we
become successful -- by finding out how life works, and then applying
what we've learned to make our own lives work. That learning process
usually involves the following steps:

1. Intention and desire.
Learning begins with an intention -- an interest in knowing
more. It grows with willingness, and an openness to new ideas,
perspectives, and skills. And it is fueled by desire. The more you
want to learn, the more you will learn.
     I have often said, "If you're green you grow. If you're ripe,
you rot." Recognize that there is always more to learn. He who
thinks he knows everything often knows nothing.

2. Awareness.
Being "aware" is being conscious and awake. It is seeing what is
around you. Hearing what people say and feel. Studying what
makes things work. Awareness is both receptivity to the outside
world, and sensitivity to your inner self.
     With awareness also comes a sense of direction. What do
you want to learn? What do you need to learn? What do others
need or want of you?
     Your direction is shaped by many factors. It is motivated by
your ideals: it is based on your values; and it is guided by what
is possible -- both today and in the future.

3. Information.
Awareness brings us many types of information. Facts and figures
-- to the left brain. Vision, sounds, and images -- to the right brain.
Feelings -- to the heart. All of these "inform" us about our reality.

4. Action.
If you want to learn, it's not enough just to read. You have to
do. Apply. Implement. Act. This is what gives us experience. It

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