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other words, the numbers allowed her to create a vision of that company as it
was in reality, and not as how it was perceived by its management. If the
numbers didn't fit with what the management was telling her, she recreated
the company, found all its hidden weaknesses, and was able to negotiate
from strength.
      One thing she said has stayed with me forever. She said the numbers
enabled her to draw a portrait of that company, of its society, of its place in
the community, of its importance to the country, and ultimately of the
purchase value. That is analytical ability working hand-in-hand with
      Creativity is the third aspect of spirituality. In its basic form, it's the
ability to see things that don't yet exist. Your creativity enables you to make
them happen. We all have it, starting very young.
      Look at children. Give a child a stick and watch him or her play with
it. In a child's eyes, it can become a plane, a car, a fairy or wizard's wand, a
gun, a fiddle-you name it. To a child, that stick can become anything. This,
I think is the beginning of creativity, and as children we had it in full
      Watch youngsters coloring with crayons. If you ask a child to draw
something and give it back to you, the response is often, "See what I drew
here." You can't see what the child sees, but he insists this is you. Or the
Man-in-the-Moon. The child sees all this quite clearly. That's where
creativity starts.
      Creativity is another aspect of spirituality and it can generate more
energy for us. Usually it helps us to see things as better than they are.
Creativity, in fact, is one of the few forces that can change reality.
      If you look at high achievers, you will see they often went through
very hard times, but they never saw those times as "bad". They always
looked at the end result of what they were doing. They used their energy to
create a better environment for themselves. They persisted, and one day it all
came together for them. Others, looking at this situation, called them
      Good ideas come when one is in harmony with oneself, and here I'm
talking straight business. A new product, a new idea in marketing, or a new
idea in selling or speaking comes when one is in harmony with oneself. This
I call Spirituality@Work. It comes from somewhere within, but we can't
put a finger on it.
      This book will give you ideas on how to develop your spirituality. It
may sound strange to talk about developing something that I say is inborn-
but who do you know who can play the violin, ride a bike, or drive a car by

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