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poor, flowers fade, and we lose the spark. That spirituality is negative and
drains energy. The trick is to not to fall into the trap.
      Spirituality is contagious-both the positive and the negative kind. If
you're with a person who has positive spirituality, you can feel it. The secret
is to feel it within yourself and to sense that the universe is unfolding as it
      If you're with someone who has negative spirituality, that negativism
can drain you. I used to advocate that when you connected with someone
who could only display negative spirituality, you should try to get out of that
orbit. Today, I recommend not merely that you walk away, but that you run
in the opposite direction as fast as you can. Negative spirituality will drain
you right to the core.
      Connect spirituality to energy. I think we've all got a positive energy
charger. I don't think it's possible to explain what this energy is or where this
energy comes from. We know when we have it, we know when we don't
have it, and we know how to replenish it. What more do we need to know
about it? We don't need to know how the television works, the phone, the
computer, or the aircraft we fly.
      The second aspect of spirituality is intuitiveness or Gutfeeling. I think
we all have within us a feeling of what is right or wrong for us, for a project,
or for our lives. We can't say where that feeling is located-whether in the
stomach, the left upper part of your body, or the lower right. I think it's our
job as humans to find that out, and to do that we need to learn to listen for it.
      If someone says, "I don't have any Gutfeelings. Gut feelings don't
exist!" then it's difficult to prove it. A person first has to believe in intuition,
then one has to find where it lies. Play with it. Albert Einstein called it:
"Fingerspitzengefühl" (on the tips of your fingers). It's well known, for
instance, that you can often solve your problems by "sleeping on them." I
even know a guy who believes the itch in his big toe. Listen when you have
a feeling that something really will or really will not work. The more you
can do that, the more you will be able to develop the feeling of that "gut".
      I always remember seeing an interview on television with the great
evangelist Billy Graham. Asked how he prepared his sermons, he answered,
"I never prepare. I pray to God and when I do God gives me the words."
      Now I personally do not believe that God in his or her heaven feeds
him his words. But I do believe that Dr. Graham believes this to be true, and
I know it works. Billy Graham knows so much about the Bible, he can hit
thousands right over the head with his knowledge and belief and never have
to stop and think about which words come next. He also brings to those

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