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Balance Sheet

A balance sheet is a statement of condition at a particular time.
-Jerry White, business consultant

A balance sheet lists your assets and liabilities, and shows your net worth as
of a given date.

If you want to increase your net worth, you have to increase your assets or
reduce your liabilities. It's the same with spirituality, as with a balance sheet.
You cannot just say "gimme more!" You have to do those things that create
One is to believe spirituality exists.
One is to believe you feel it.
One is to believe that it will come.
The emphasis is on "doing". If you don't do these things, I guarantee you it
will not come and you will not increase your spiritual net worth!

Your balance sheet as an employee lists these as assets: your skills,
knowledge, enthusiasm, and the time you offer to your employer. You also
carry liabilities: the cost to maintain you as an employee, your salary or
hourly cost. It seems fairly simple to understand, then, that to increase your
salary or hourly wage, you have to increase the assets you bring to your
company. You do not get paid on what you're worth.

What assets do you bring to your spiritual balance sheet?

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