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Negative superstition reinforces bad luck!
-Peter Urs Bender

Aberglauben is the German word that means "superstition". Be careful
what you wish for. Your wish might be granted!

I have also read that you become the thing you most think about. However, I
must say that is not always true because during the early part of my life I
thought mainly about women...

I don't believe in superstition. Except on Friday the 13th, which is my lucky
day. And I'm careful what I wish for. Also, I never walk under ladders.
Something might fall on me!

Actually, what I do believe is that you should be superstitious, if it brings
you luck! Superstition, seen in that light, is your spirit talking to yourself. I
like to think of it as your subconscious talking to your conscious, and telling
you to "be careful". I also like to think of it as your unconscious talking to
your conscious and telling you to "take a chance".

Thought of in that way, Aberglauben is a positive force. It's a great way of
putting you in touch with your own spirit. We all get a little superstitious
from time to time. Even if we don't believe in it with all our hearts.

Carl Jung, for instance, talked about synchronicity, which is really another
way of saying "coincidence". What we think of as coincidences may seem to
happen, but they occur when as Jung might say "the inner and the outer are
the same." Whatever happens is whatever happens. That we recognize it
when it coincides with our thoughts is a "gift", something not sought but
found anyway.

I heard the story of a teenager named Pat who had a very old car. Like many
pieces of old mechanical equipment, it was quirky. "Things" would happen

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