Presentations build Confidence
by Peter Urs Bender

(NC)-Surveys have shown that the two greatest human fears are:
1. Speaking in front of a group; and
2. Dying.

   In that order.

   It is amazing that so many of us are afriand of speaking in front of others. Call it fear of being criticized or making a mistake, it comes down to the same thing: we are afraid of making a fool of ourselves.

   Yet to get ahead in life, we must take this risk. Whether it's to our peers in quality circles at a factor, to directors and shareholders at an annual meeting, or to our clients and customers, we all must "present ourselves". And everybody gets nervous doing it.

Even top professionals

  I teach seminars on presentation skills to professional business people. Every participant must give at least one, three-minute talk on a topic of their choice. Initially, some laugh at the idea. But when it comes time to do it, you can see how scared they are. Some of them shuffle up to the front, head down, barely able to get the first words out of their mouths. Some forget what they were going to say. But eventually they get through it.

   If time permits, I get them to present at least two or three times. It's amazing how different they look, feel and speak by the last time. YOu can literally see their confidence growing.

Just do it!

   Some belive you need confidence before you're able to present. Others say you only gain confidence through experience. To me, it's like the chicken and the egg. It doesn't matter which comes first. Just DO it!

   Confidence comes form doing something and then giving yourself credit for you. In this field, tehre is no substitute. If you want to become confidence at making presentations, you must stand up and give on.

Peter Urs Bender is author of the best selling book Secrets of Power Presentations. For more tips, see

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