Five steps for a great presentation by Peter Urs Bender

(NC)-In work and in life, we frequently must "present ourselves" to others. Job interviews. Sales presentations. Business proposals. Family events. Your success depends on your ability to communicate effectively. There are five essential elements of a great presentation:

1. Speech
2. Body Language
3. Equipment (if you use this)
4. Environment
5. Preparation

All of these are important. Think of it this way. Would you have a powerful presentation if you:

*had nothing to say? (speech)
*looked like you don't care (body language)
*showed computer graphics and your PC does not work? (equipment)
*had a room so hot that your audience was falling asleep? (environment)
*forgot to prepare your presentation? (preparation)

You will never have control over all the conditions. But make sure you take control over the ones that you do. Always be prepared to give the best presentation of your life.

Peter Urs Bender is author of the best selling books Secrets of Power Presentations and Leadership from Within. For more tips, see

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