Tips for being a Leader in your own life
by Peter Urs Bender

1) Leadership starts from within.
   You possess the seeds of greatness in you, right now.

2) There are skills you can learn to develop these "seeds."
   The degree to which you do will determine your success.

3) The biggest thing which blocks you is fear.
   Let fear go, or go through what you fear. Be willing to speak your mind and heart. Risk being criticized or looking foolish.

4) Believe in yourself.
   What you care about deeply is important--to your growth and well-being, and to other's. Start today. Act on what you believe. Take that step you know you want to take.

This is the essence of leadership; Choosing what matters to you. Learning how to accomplish it. Then doing it--to be more fullfilled and to help others.

Peter Urs Bender is author of the bestselling books, Leadership From Within and Secrets of Power Presentations. For more tips, see

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